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Pine Hills residents: Thank you so much for joining the Greenscapes Water Challenge! The Water Challenge hopefully will result in three positive outcomes: a. it will provide a forum to educate people in Pine Hills about water conservation, b. a team in your town will earn $500 for their cause, and c. people will save precious summer water and will have lower water bills.


Here is a recap of the Greenscapes Water Challenge -

Dates: Begins near 8/15, ends 9/30

Requires: Filling out initial quick survey including meter reading, then two more meter readings, around 8/31 and 9/30.

How it works: Teams are composed of five households - a household can be one person or 10. The team with the least amount of water use per capita will win the $500. It doesn't matter if you are a high water user at the start. The team that uses the least amount of water per capita from the starting point is the winning team!!

During the challenge, newspaper articles and e-mails will be sent to the teams with water-saving ideas and strategies.

Please fill out the following survey, and you are on your way. If you have trouble reading your meter, which is usually located in your basement near where the water line enters your house, here is some helpful information about water meters.

May the best water-conserving team win! Good luck!

Please feel free to contact Debbie Cook at 781-659-8168 or e-mail her at





* Name
* Team Name
* E-mail address
* Telephone number
* Which town do you live in?
* Number of People in Household
* Do you have your own well for watering?
* If you will be away during the challenge how many days will you be gone?
* Please provide us with your water meter reading
You should find your water meter in your basement, generally near to where the water line enters your house. Some houses have their meters located in pits, in which case the Water Department will gladly come out and read it for you. Please contact Debbie Cook at the NSRWA at 781-659-8168 if any questions arise.
* Date you read your meter?
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