RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring


RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring

The NSRWA has been sampling water quality for 25 years to evaluate the health of the rivers. This volunteer-driven program monitors the rivers every other week from the beginning of June to the end of August. Our volunteers monitor for both swimming and shellfishing standards, each of which have specific concentrations of fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria that are considered safe for these kinds of human interactions with the water.

The purpose of the program is to provide the public with information on the water quality status of our rivers and provide data to support eliminating sources of pollution in the rivers. During the summer, our water quality data is published in the local newspapers.

RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring Data for 6-29-17

Continued dry weather results in low bacteria counts at most sites

June 29th was the third sampling round for our summer Riverwatch water quality monitoring program. A team of volunteers collected water samples for bacteria and tested basic water quality parameters like temperature, dissolved oxygen, and salinity at ten sites in the North and South Rivers. The bacteria results were all below the pre-2007 fecal coliform swimming standard of 400 cfu/100mL where fecal coliform samples were collected; however, the Willow Street Bridge results exceeded the enterococcus swimming threshold of 104 cfu/100mL. Results at the three sites within the conditionally open shellfish beds were below the fecal coliform shellfish standard of 14 cfu/100mL, but exceeded the standard at two estuarine sites within the prohibited shellfishing area, Driftway and Julian Street Bridge.

Thank you to the Norwell Women’s Club for sponsoring one week of water quality testing!

NSRWA Executive Director Samantha Woods accepts a $500 donation from Abby Gray, President, and Tracey Cooke, Treasurer, of the Norwell Women’s Club. The donation helps to support the RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring program and will be used to help pay the costs of water sample analysis. Thank you Norwell Women’s Club! If you would like to sponsor a week of testing, contact Gabriela Silva at gabriela@nsrwa.org.