Member Corner

The Bianchi Family

Why do you care about our rivers and watershed?

“We care very deeply about it. The North River is really part of our home. It’s the reason we moved here 12 years ago to raise our family. For me, it’s all about the fishing! That’s a great way to spend time with my kids!

Our family has a few great traditions that are very much tied to the river. Every year we go to blueberry Island with the kids—who, of course, love jumping into the river. Getting there is half the fun! The scenery along that stretch [of the river] is truly unparalleled with all the surrounding conservation land. We also take the kids on a Summer breakfast outing on The Spit. That’s a lot of fun! We’re usually the only ones there so early in the morning and we get to take it all in!

We support the NSRWA because the work you do is vital to maintaining the river, to have it clean for the fish and for everyone. Healthy rivers don’t happen overnight! We are appreciative of your leadership and want to support you any way we can.” Please support the work of NSRWA by making a donation today.

Mark and Joell Bianchi live in Scituate with their four children, Calli, Joe, Mac, and L.J. and their dog Rudy.