Member Corner – Paul and Netta Vercollone

Let us introduce ourselves; we are Paul and Netta Vercollone, fellow members of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association and this year’s Annual Fund Co-chairs. As longtime Marshfield residents we appreciate living in a community that affords its residents a healthy, safe, and beautiful place to live, work, and raise a family. We have always enjoyed the outdoors and have instilled in our kids, and now in our grandkids, a love of nature—walking in the woods, boating on the river, or having fun at the beach.

Most of the activities we all engage in every day are connected to water. We use water as we get ready in the morning, for cooking and cleaning, for growing our gardens and maintaining our lawns, and so much more. Despite our dependence on water, we don’t often think about how much water we use, unless there is a drought like the one that is afflicting our region right now. Then, water becomes a priority!

For the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, water is what they do. This local non-profit has been protecting our rivers since 1970, serving the needs of our communities for water conservation, healthy rivers, and outdoor recreation. For us, our commitment to the rivers grew even stronger after we moved to the banks of the North River. The time we spent on or by the water increased and so did our appreciation for this magnificent scenic local resource we need to protect.

estuary-explorers-rockland-hs-webA couple of years ago we donated a pontoon boat to the NSRWA. They put that boat to good use, and over the last two summers they have brought more than 300 children and adults to experience the rivers first-hand and to learn about the ecology and history of our rivers—that is on top of the 2,500 kids that learn about our watershed every year through the NSRWA’s school program! Often times we see the boat traveling upstream with kids smiling and waving to us. It’s great to know we are helping to connect these kids and many others to our rivers.

Will you join us in helping make our rivers healthier and connecting kids and their families to our rivers with a gift to NSRWA’s Annual FundWith your help, we can ensure that our local watershed association remains a strong and effective voice for the rivers and our communities. Our collective support will propel the NSRWA’s efforts to educate and engage local residents to make our rivers healthier every day.

The health of our rivers and of our watershed depends on all of us. Together with the NSRWA we can make a difference locally and inspire a community of stewards dedicated to a healthy and vibrant watershed. We hope we can count on you!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Best regards,

Paul and Netta Vercollone
NSRWA Annual Fund Co-chairs

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