Massachusetts Bays Program

The Massachusetts Bays Program (or MassBays Program) is one of 28 EPA National Estuary Programs. The Massachusetts Bays region covers over 800 miles of coastline, from the tip of Cape Cod Bay to the New Hampshire border, and serves 50 coastal communities through five regional coordinators.

MassBays is an EPA National Estuary Program dedicated to protecting, restoring, and enhancing the estuarine resources of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays. We envision a network of healthy and resilient estuaries, sustainable ecosystems that support the life and communities dependent upon them. We facilitate partnerships to prompt local, state, and federal action and stewardship, convening stakeholders on the local and regional level, providing scientific basis for management decisions, and informing decision makers about problems and solutions.

The NSRWA hosts the MassBays South Shore Regional Coordinator, Sara P. Grady.  The South Shore region encompasses nine communities from Cohasset to Plymouth, including six within the North and South Rivers watershed. The program works with these communities to implement the MassBays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, a list of actions intended to protect and restore our coastal ecosystem.

MassBays Program activities on the South Shore include fish passage and habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, efforts to prevent and reduce stormwater pollution, marine invasive species surveys, and educational outreach, along with any other projects pertaining to coastal issues on the South Shore.

Here’s what MassBays South Shore is working on with its many partners: