North River Commission

North River Commission
PO Box 760
Hanover MA 02339
Phone: 781-659-7411

Commission Staff

Gary Wolcott, Administrator email:

Joseph Strazdes, North River Patrol

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursdays 9 am – 1 pm in the lower level of the Salmond School, 188 Broadway, Hanover, MA 02339.
The North River Commission holds public hearings the fourth Thursday of every month at the Norwell Town Hall 345 Main Street.

North River Designation Sign
The North River was the first designated scenic river in Massachusetts

The North River Commission administers the North River Protective Act. The North River is the only Scenic Protected River in Massachusetts. The NSRWA is a nonprofit advocacy group that helped to pass these protections for the North River in the 1970’s. To find out more about the history of the NSRWA visit our History page.

The North River Commission was established by the Massachusetts Departments of Environmental Management (DEM) pursuant to the Scenic and Recreational Rivers Act, G.L.c.21, s. 17B and the North River Commission Act, c.367, s.62 of the Acts of 1978.

The Protective Order promotes public safety, health, and welfare. Its aim is to protect public and private property, wildlife, fresh and saltwater fisheries, and irreplaceable wild, scenic and recreational river resources. The Order protects the North River, as well as parts of associated tributaries in the towns of Scituate, Marshfield, Pembroke, Norwell, Hanover, and Hanson. Here you will find FAQs about the North River Scenic and Recreational River Protective Order to help you understand the Protective Order.

The North River Commission is housed at the James Library in Norwell Center and holds public hearings on the third Thursday of every month at the Norwell Town hall.

Downloadable forms for applicants:

The North River Commission publishes an annual newsletter with information regarding permits within the North River Corridor. The Commission mails the newsletter to those within the jurisdiction of the North River Corridor. You can download the last several years North River Notes below:

Commission Representatives

The North River Commission has representatives and alternates from each town on the North River: Pembroke, Hanover, Norwell, Marshfield, Hanson, and Scituate. Each town’s Board of Selectmen designates its representatives for a term of three years, with no limit to the number of terms a person may serve. The following individuals now serve as representatives of the North River Commission.

North River Commissioners

Commissioners meet the fourth Thursday of each month except November & December – 3rd Thursday, at the Norwell Town Offices, 345 Main St. Norwell 02061

Joseph Norton Jr. (M) Chairman

looking for Alternate

Scituate, MA 


Christopher Head (M)

Maryanne Leonard (A)

Marshfield, MA        


Willard (Bill) Boulter (M)

Andrew Sullivan (A)

Pembroke MA


Daniel Jones (M)     

John O’Leary (A)                     

Hanover, MA                 


Dennis Mahoney (M)

Tim Simpson (A)

Norwell, MA


looking for Member & Alternate

Hanson, MA



Joseph Strazdes – Boat Patrol 

Judy Grecco – Administrator