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South Shore Striper Tournament Winners

1st Annual South Shore Striper Tournament a Big Hit!­

The North and South Rivers Watershed Association held their 1st Annual South Shore Striper Tournament this past weekend. Ninety anglers of all ages participated in the event in five different categories: Boat Adult, Shore Adult and Kayak All Ages, as well as two kids’ categories. The top prize for each of the adult categories was $1,000 cash, and the kids won a complete fishing package including a rod and reel, tackle box, hat, and sunglasses. All winners also received an NSRWA swag bag.

The winners were:

  • Boat Adult – John Paul Adams, Cohasset – 45” striper
  • Shore Adult – Daniel Neumann, Norwell – 38” striper
  • Kayak All Ages – Bruce Estabrooks, Hanover – 32” striper
  • Child Angler – Paul Cheverie, Scituate, Age 11 – 21” striper
  • Child Angler – Brooks Colton, Scituate, Age 8 – 17” striper

Thank you to Belsan Bait and Tackle for hosting the registration and Roht Marine for hosting the after party.

This event highlighted how restoration projects on the South Shore are increasing fish habitat. The NSRWA in partnership with other South Shore watershed associations, towns and their state and federal partners have improved stream connectivity through dam removals and cranberry bog restoration projects resulting in:

  • 21 dam removals and 2 bog restoration projects since 2002
  • Opening 12 miles of streams and rivers
  • Providing an additional 15 miles of partial access through fish passage structures

We have made progress, but there is still more to do. Overall, 6% of available habitat has been re-opened and 74% of restorable habitat is still blocked by dams, with the remaining habitat accessible to a limited degree through fish ladders that only benefit a few species. Dam removal not only improves access for migratory fish like river herring and Eastern brook trout, it also improves water quality, helps maintain streamflow, and improves instream habitat.  When river herring can access more habitat, their population increases, providing more food for the animals that eat them like striped bass, bluefish, osprey, and herons. Opening up more habitat basically creates fish factories, which benefits our entire ecosystem. To find out more and to be a part of this groundbreaking work contact NSRWA through our website at nsrwa.org.

Thank you to our major sponsors: Pax World Investments, AirXchange and Gordon Atlantic Insurance and to all of our other sponsors: Lincoln Financial Group, Roht Marine, Town River Marina, Guided Living Care, Harbor Mooring Service, Nagle & Joyce Law Offices, Sarah DiBlasi-Crain, Belsan Bait and Tackle, Sea Tow South Shore, East Computing, Brown Bear Academy, Scott Weber Restoration, Gadget Techs, Goodwin Graphics, Waterfront Realty Group and New England Wellness Solutions. Your support helped to make this a great event!

The proceeds from the South Shore Striper Tournament go to NSRWA’s efforts to maintain and restore heathy rivers for fish habitat.