We love connecting with the South Shore community and sharing with them the natural beauty, history, ecology, and importance of the North and South River watershed.

Our River Ambassador volunteers regularly present exhibits and talks at events and gatherings around the South Shore. Although they are a relatively new group, they have already reached an impressive 700+ people to let them know about our outdoor activities, educational programs, and advocacy work to protect our waters. Ambassadors are available to speak to community groups of all kinds – from town-sponsored forums and committees to senior centers, garden clubs, libraries, civic organizations… you name it!

Our executive director, Samantha Woods, our ecologist, Sara P. Grady, and our environmental educator, Brian Taylor, are also available to speak to your group or organization. Just get in touch!

Contact Gabriela at

Interested in any of the following?

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Event Support
  • Fundraising
  • Office Work
  • Board Member
  • Committee Member
  • Professional Consultant
  • Marketing/Technical Support
  • Trail Work/Service Work
  • Other

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