Do you remember the summer of 2016… one of the driest on record? Climate science predicts that this extreme trend is likely to continue. Drought and lack of rain in our communities cause our rivers and streams to run low. But another major strain on our waters is high summer water use by people. In fact, the majority of town water supplies are at their limits and many are draining our rivers dry.

Whether your water comes from a private or municipal well, it ultimately comes from our watershed—a shared resource for all people and nature. Pumping draws out the groundwater that otherwise would feed streams even during dry periods. And the resulting problems are not just for fish and wildlife. When groundwater is low, we all face severe water shortages and bans.

We all need to conserve water all the time – not just when there is a drought. NSRWA works to help South Shore towns and citizens understand how to make the best use of our limited water resources.

“The NSRWA’s goals of improving water quality and restoring fisheries by reconnecting the watershed and protecting flows are very much in line with Trout Unlimited’s mission.”

Warren Winders, Trout Unlimited member