Permeable pavers

Low-impact development (LID) is a way to manage stormwater runoff as part of green infrastructure. Some LID techniques include reduction of impervious surfaces, permeable pavement, rain gardens, vegetated buffers and swales, bioretention, and on site stormwater management. Download our FREE Low Impact Development (LID) Techniques brochure.

Download the FREE Green Streets Handbook from the EPA. This handbook is intended to help state and local transportation agencies, municipal officials, designers, stakeholders and others to select, design and implement site design strategies and green infrastructure practices for roads, alleys and parking lots. The document provides background information on street and road typologies and offers a programmatic framework to use when identifying areas that can be initially designed or later retrofitted with green infrastructure practices or systems.

Rain garden

Download the FREE Builders Guide brochure, published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center, provides a good summary of LID including the why’s and costs for developers and builders.

You can learn more Low Impact Development strategies and find examples and advice from the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission (WRC).