Download the 2024 Tides at Damon’s Point for Paddling the North River 

The tide delays in the North River Tides for Paddling Chart are meant to provide guidance for estimating when the tides will work for two popular paddling itineraries on the North River from the Marshfield Canoe Launch. Environmental conditions fluctuate depending upon wind, precipitation and monthly tidal variations that influence the height of the tide. This is a conservative estimate of when the tides should work for two different itineraries.

One paddle itinerary is a roundtrip paddle going upstream with the tide to Couch’s Beach and returning on the outgoing tide back to Marshfield Canoe Launch. Estimated paddle time is 1.5 to 2.5-hours depending on your speed.  The second itinerary is a one way trip from Marshfield Canoe Launch up to the Hanover Canoe Launch. You will need to stage a vehicle or get picked up at the Hanover Canoe Launch. The high tide is listed for the Old Washington St. Bridge as one must get through the bridge before the tide turns or you will not be able to get through on an outgoing tide. The Hanover Canoe Launch, where you will take out, is another mile upstream of Old Washington St Bridge. The estimated paddle time up to the Hanover Canoe Launch is anywhere from 2 -4 hours depending upon your speed. For comparison, the fastest Great River Racers do it in under one hour!

Please check out these additional resources before your paddle. All three topics are on our Paddling Page under the dropdown sections.

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Have fun and may the wind and tide be at your back!