To water a one-acre lawn with just 1 inch of water consumes 26,000 gallons – more than it takes to fill a standard 16’x32’ swimming pool! Do you know that your yard and garden can thrive with less water—and with fewer commercial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers?

Join the Greenscapes movement. Set an example for your children, friends and neighbors, and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Here are 11 easy steps to make your yard a thriving Greenscape:

  1. Download our 16-page Greenscapes Guide – With tips on how to create  a beautiful healthy yard the natural way. (After filling out the online form you will be redirected to the guide.)
  2. Don’t water plants, lawns and gardens in the middle of the day – the water will evaporate quicker and you will need to water more frequently. Check out our Lawn Watering Guidelines.
  3. Mow smarter with these Best Mowing Practices.
  4. Use unused water from pet bowls, dehumidifers, and boiled vegetables to water plants.
  5. Capture rain water for outdoor watering with a rain barrel.
  6. Plant drought-tolerant native plants that require minimal (if any) watering.
  7. Brown is the New Green yard sign – Download this free printable file to make a yard sign, poster or flier.
  8. Creating a Healthy Yard  – Get your lawn off drugs… and chemicals. Go organic! Here’s how.
  9. Recycle Water – South Shore water is too precious to waste. We need to put more of it back into the soil. Learn how to keep water from running off and wasting down the drain.
  10. Leave your grass clippings on your lawn and it will provide free fertilizer and reduce water pollution.
  11. Stormwater—Why Should You Care? – Stormwater is the biggest threat to clean water today. Stormwater, which used to soak in the ground now is carried directly to reservoirs, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Find out what you can do to help.

“We want people to realize they can have beautiful, healthy yards using techniques that can actually save them time and money, and also save our precious water resources.” ~ Lori Wolfe, NSRWA Director of Marketing and WaterSmart Program Manager

Greenscapes is sponsored by WaterSmart South Shore. WaterSmart is a nonprofit partnership between the NSRWA and 12 towns on the South Shore: Cohasset, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate and Weymouth. Our programs are based on the belief that education is key. Since its creation, WaterSmart has educated thousands of local school-age children, adults, and businesses on water conservation, stormwater pollution, where their water comes from, and how to care for it.

For more information, contact WaterSmart Program Manager Lori Wolfe, at or (781) 659-8168.