Water All Around You

How do we get clean water at home? Where does our dirty water go? What is a watershed… and why is it important?

The Water All Around You school program is here to answers these questions and more. And we do so by helping students learn first-hand through fun, interactive lessons.

When the Water All Around You program visits a school, students and parent volunteers gather around 3D models showing how water moves across their town, how pollution travels down our streets when it rains and ends up in our rivers, and how dirty water gets treated. As part of the program, students can even tour their local water treatment plant. Most importantly, they learn how to conserve water by making small changes–and that’s just the start.

Water is a valuable resource, especially here on the South Shore, so it’s important to use it wisely. Water All Around You really helps students understand how they can help to keep their local water clean and learn how to conserve it – for now and for the future.

“It’s so valuable when kids can connect what they learn in science to their own environment and their town. It has a deeper meaning.” — Melinda Soliwada, North Pembroke Elementary Teacher

The Water All Around You school program is sponsored by WaterSmart, a non-profit partnership with the NSRWA and 11 towns on the South Shore:  (Aquarion) Hingham and Hull, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate and Weymouth. Our programs are based on the belief that education is key. Since its creation, WaterSmart has educated thousands of local school-age children, adults, and businesses on water conservation, stormwater pollution, where their water comes from, and how to care for it.

To have the Water All Around You program visit your school or group, contact WaterSmart Program Manager Lori Wolfe, at or (781) 659-8168.