You don’t have to be a scientist to join our team. All you need is curiosity, a desire to make a difference, and a willingness to get your feet wet! As a citizen science volunteer, you’ll take water samples, count fish and crabs, or monitor important habitats like eelgrass beds and salt marshes. And your work won’t be just for fun. To support our local natural resources, we need good data, and lots of it. Your findings will help Massachusetts scientists and policymakers make critical data-based decisions about the health of our waters.

Join the NSRWA community of more than 125 citizen scientists on the South Shore who are already making a difference, now and for years to come. Fill out this survey indicating which projects interest you and fit your schedule, and we will add you to the volunteer list for those projects!

“It’s amazing what you can do. Get active. Do something.”

~ Tom Hall, NSRWA member

Where We Monitor

The NSRWA monitoring focuses on the North and South Rivers and its tributaries. As host of the MassBays South Shore program, the NSRWA provides technical support and volunteers to the MassBays South Shore communities and nonprofit partners.


Darker yellow – MassBays South Shore Region Towns
Green Line – North and South Rivers Watershed
Blue Line – MassBays South Shore Estuaries and Interestuarine Areas