We work hard every day to protect local waters on the South Shore, educate and engage our community, restore our rivers, and advocate for change. But we can’t do it without you! Your friends and neighbors are already making a difference–as volunteers, interns, and citizen scientists. Are you ready to volunteer with us?


Before you can sign up to volunteer, we ask you kindly to submit a Volunteer Application Form. Afterwards, you’ll be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities with your email by clicking the “I am a current volunteer” button above.

Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity to make a difference locally?

Join the NSRWA volunteer team and help protect our local waters on the South Shore. We have many volunteer opportunities. Click the I am a new volunteer button, fill out the application, and you will soon be on your way to making change locally! How can you help? We need volunteers to help at our main events, collect data as citizen scientists, and spread the word about our mission and work. Sign up today and be part of a group making a local impact!

Here are a few examples of some great volunteer opportunities with the NSRWA:

Citizen Science, NSRWA Ambassador whether you’d like to help us by tabling at an event or being a presenter at a local library or local group, Social Media, Outdoor Support (including helping by visiting conservation properties to update our online listings, culvert assessments, clean-ups, or stewardship), Office Help (such as stuffing bags, membership support), Environmental Education Support, Hospitality, and Fundraising (help us connect with local businesses).

Help us make our main events a success! Volunteer for the Great River Race, Gardening Green Expo, South Shore Striper Tournament, Walking Club Guest Host, Advocacy, and IT Support.

For more information on each of the many citizen science opportunities we offer:  River Herring counts, help us count fish online through FISH School, Horseshoe Crab monitoring, Salt Marsh Sentinels, Water Quality Monitoring, invasive species, eelgrass monitoring)

If you are interested in applying for an Internship, click here.

If you want to take other action on on-going projects, click here.