I can’t believe the summer has already flown by. The experiences that I’ve had for the last three months will have lasting impacts in my life as I move on from this internship. I was lucky enough to work closely with some amazing people. Everyone at the office is warm and welcoming. It feels like a family every time we get together, whether it’s for a Monday morning meeting or a lunch at the Rivershed. It’s nice to wake up and feel genuinely excited to come to work everyday. Not only were the people amazing, but the projects I was able to participate in laid a perfect foundation for my future.

The opportunities for experience that were given to me felt nearly endless. I was able to work with volunteers, and see how hard it is to run a non-profit. I got to be out in the field almost everyday of the week. While in the field I had the opportunity to install loggers in different towns, monitor invasive species on the beach and at docks, capture and raise beetles (which was harder than it sounds) and many more. The NSRWA even paid for me to go to a conference in Salem, so that I could network with professionals and learn more about the field and current science. The variety of work offered is amazing and unmatched. I couldn’t have imagined a better all around experience if I tried.

My favorite part of the summer was the Great River Race. All the hard work that everyone put in paid off in a huge way and it was awesome. Being able to witness all the boats floating down the river, and knowing that you helped put some of the event together was a truly amazing experience. It was also great to talk to the participants, and make connections with people who care about our watershed. That day has been ingrained in my memory (all 10 hours of it).

I want to end by giving a big thank you to everyone at the NSRWA for taking me on this summer. I didn’t know what to expect when I first walked into the office at the beginning of June. I had no idea that this internship would be the most fantastic job I’ve ever had. Again, all of the people I had the pleasure to work with, my fellow interns Grace and Taylor (who were awesome), Sara, Sam, Terri, Lori, Brian, and Gab, thank you for making this summer special.