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Sam Jaffe of The Caterpillar Lab will present directly from a studio set up in The Caterpillar Lab’s museum space.  Using a combination of live presentation, digital microscope work, slides, and life history image plates, Sam will delve deeper into the world of native caterpillars than ever before.  By exploring complex natural history stories involving caterpillars, their host plants, and their predators and parasitoids, the true scope and importance of biodiversity will be revealed. This presentation goes beyond the established narratives of bees and butterflies and will hopefully help guide us further in our efforts to support and promote local biodiversity.

Samuel Jaffe is a New England based naturalist, photographer, and educator who has been working with native insects since a very early age.  Sam grew up in Eastern Massachusetts chasing birds, mucking through ponds, and turning over leaves.  For the last decade he has been photographing and filming caterpillars and organizing programs to promote these special creatures to the public.  In 2013 he founded The Caterpillar Lab a non-profit educational outreach organization in Marlborough NH and he now travels across the country working with universities, museums, botanic gardens, nature centers, and schools, helping native insects find their place in our everyday and professional lives.  When he is not behind the camera or tending his zoo of caterpillars, you can invariably find Sam up to his waist in vegetation.

These images remain the sole property of Samuel Jaffe and are being leant for this one-time use.  Please do not post, print, or copy these images for permanent or alternative uses without first contacting Samuel Jaffe or The Caterpillar Lab.

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