The winners of the Fish Out of Water raffle have been selected. (See below)

Save Some Water for Wildlife!

Did you know that the water we use in our homes comes from the water that feeds our rivers, streams and ponds? In the summer our water use doubles, leaving less water for fish and wildlife. Conserving water in the summer is especially important, since that’s when our streams and rivers have the least water to give.

The largest increase in summer water consumption comes from lawn watering. To water a one-acre lawn with just 1” of water consumes 26,000 gallons – more than it takes to fill a standard 16’x32’ swimming pool!

Choosing water-saving landscaping and watering less can keep more water available for wildlife.

Download our 16-page Greenscapes Guide with tips on how to create a beautiful healthy yard the natural way and save water. For water saving tips and more go to

The WaterSmart Program is a partnership with the NSRWA and 11 towns on the South Shore; Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate, and Weymouth, which provides education to school children and adults on water conservation in their homes, businesses and towns.

The winners of the Fish Out of Water raffle have been selected.
They are:

  • Duxbury – Patricia Kale
  • Hanover – Kim Hardy
  • Hingham – Sandy and Cody (Age 5) Mastrullo
  • Hull – Maureen Donovan
  • Kingston – Leslie Fuller
  • Marshfield – William Ashmont
  • Norwell – Mary Lou Joseph
  • Pembroke – Abby Rinard
  • Rockland – Nancy Anderson
  • Scituate – Annemarie Lenzi
  • Weymouth – Christine Wilcox

Thank you to our WaterSmart towns for sponsoring this raffle, to our display locations, and to our artists!
We couldn’t have done this with out you!

Kingston winner Leslie Fuller with Kingston Library Director Sia Stewart.
Rockland winner Nancy Anderson.
Pembroke winner Abby and Hannah Rinard.

Thank You to Our Artists and Display Locations!

       Town           Raffle Location                     Artist(s)

  1. Duxbury – Wright Memorial Library – Artist Pamela Denholm, Duxbury
  2. Hanover – John Curtis Free Library – Artist Howie Green, Boston,
  3. Hingham – Hingham Public Library – Artist Diana Naples, Hanover,,
  4. Hull – Hull Public Library – Artist Michelle Lawler, Scituate
  5. Kingston – Kingston Public Library – Artist Deanna van Lear, Scituate
  6. Marshfield – Ventress Memorial Library – Artist Twila Rhodes, Pembroke
  7. Norwell – Norwell Public Library (temporary home at 1207 Washington St.) – Nate Nottingham with the Mixed Media Art Camp in Norwell – Campers; Mae Wirth, Elliana Harrison, Mia Bellofatto, Delaney Madden. Camp Assistants; Mary Dole, Katie Breen, and Christian Hudanich
  8. Pembroke – Pembroke Public Library – Artist Ellen Harris, Abington
  9. Rockland – Rockland Community Center – Artist Valerie Mine, 4th Floor Artists in Rockland
  10. Scituate – Scituate Town Library – Artist Cindy McEachern, Scituate
  11. Weymouth – Monahan’s Marine  – Liz Boston, Liz Boston Art Studio