Nick Vercollone is a 24 year old Marshfield resident, and is currently in a managerial position with VERC Enterprises, Inc, his family-owned business. Nick’s involvement with the NSRWA began in August, 2008 when he participated in the River Adventures Camp, the outdoor program organized by the NSRWA and the YMCA, a program that continues today.

Since he was a young boy he always had a love of fishing. When his family moved to Rocky Reach on the North River, he became very involved with boating and familiar with the North and South Rivers. In April of 2008, when he was 13, he successfully completed the United States Power Squadron, an 8 week Squadron Boating Course. He also received a license to drive a boat with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boating Safety Certificate. In September of 2008, he participated in the Open-Water Rowing Program around the Boston Harbor Islands with Inly School.

In April of 2009, at the age of 14, he performed a school internship at A to Z Boatworks in Scituate and was hired to work there for the summer. He got a small Boston Whaler and drove himself to work and back on his boat every day from his home on the river. He worked there for several summers.

Nick has also worked at Roht Marine in Scituate, and now has a 24 foot center console boat to go ocean fishing in the summer. He is currently planning on working on his Captain’s license. Nick also serves on the NSRWA South Shore Striper Tournament Committee.