As I start to think about my end of the summer reflections, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Working at the watershed has been a better experience than I could have ever hoped for. From the people I have worked with and met, to all the projects I was fortunate to have a hand in, I have gained so many skills that I know I will take with me throughout my life. This experience has only solidified my love for the environment, our oceans and helping to watch and mitigate the changes made my humans. Through working in the South Shore, I have gained so much knowledge of the environment in this area and it has prompted me to want to stay around this area for work.

Through being the eelgrass intern, I have learned how much work goes into overseeing a project. A lot goes into the process and planning of the blitz from coordinating schedules of volunteers and boat captains, to working with all the technology and data. As the 2022 Eelgrass Survey Blitz comes to an end, I am feeling incredibly accomplished and proud of myself, and everyone involved. It feels so great to be involved in an organization that gets its citizens interested in protecting and enjoying the environment. I also love that this type of work entails working closely with members of the surrounding communities and building relationships. Watching volunteers have fun and fall in love with the work we do, is such a humbling feeling.

I absolutely love field work, so of course I had an absolute blast every single time we went out into the field. Whether we were surveying invasive species in tide pools and on docks or trudging through mud and water to retrieve water health information, I could not have asked for a better way to spend my time. This experience has only furthered my love for this type of work, and I have gained such useful insight to what it is like to work for/run a nonprofit organization.

This past summer working at the North and South Rivers Watershed Association has been one for the books! I have loved every minute of working with a dedicated group of individuals that share the love of helping keep our environment healthy and safe for all to enjoy. This internship has been a critical part of my knowledge growth as I have gotten to utilize my past experience and skills while combining it with new knowledge that I have learned through the NSRWA. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and this experience has only further confirmed my passions for the environment and oceans!