FISH School focuses on the annual migration of herring fish and the science behind it using technology, data gathering and analysis. Through an innovative curriculum, this program teaches students about science by empowering them to become citizen scientists to count river herring during their annual migration. This data helps inform Massachusetts’ scientists and policymakers to make critical data-based decisions about the health of our waters.

FISH School provides video of fish migrating thanks to an underwater video camera that takes footage as fish pass by on their upstream migration Students then are able to help count the fish as they go by and log their observations as citizen scientists. In addition to the online underwater video counts, students are provided with a presentation on river herring, their life cycles and threats to them as well as the status of their local herring run. FISH School includes videos that bring area waterways “to life” as examples for place-based experiential learning. 

This module will include the following tools for educators and their students to use inside and outside of the classroom, correlated to Massachusetts Science and Technology Engineering standards. Lesson components included are interactive slideshows with accompanying note templates, an active role playing simulation, creative writing assignments and options for assessment.

The Youth CAT program is funded through a generous grant from Battelle.

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