Resources for Paddling the North and South Rivers

The NSRWA Canoe and Kayak Guide gives great information about water conditions and launching sites along the North and South Rivers. Click here to get your FREE download.

When you paddle on the North or South Rivers you must take into account the tide and the tidal delay on the rivers. The further upstream you go the more delay in time from Boston tide gage.  Download our free Timing the Tides presentation for further information on itineraries and tide offset information.  Our tidals offsets are calculated from Boston Tide found here.

The NSRWA also has a Recreation Guide Map to the North and South Rivers Watershed. This large fold out map is chock full of information on boat launching sites, conservation lands and walks, information on the natural and human history of our rivers and watershed and tides in the rivers. This Recreation Guide Map is provided free upon joining the NSRWA as a member.

You may also wish to join us on one of our paddles. Please check our event listings for upcoming activities, a benefit to members is that they receive notification of these events via our biannual newsletter.

Paddle Safety
  • Do not paddle near the mouth of the North and South Rivers.  The currents at the mouth of the North and South Rivers are deceptively swift and unpredictable—more than 16 lives have been lost over the past 20 years

What to Bring

  • Personal Flotation Devices PFDs (life preservers) with a whistle or other sound making device
  • Flotation for your kayak if it does not have bulkheaded compartments. Inflatable airbags or bubble wrap packaging material work well
  • A bilge pump or bailer
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Dry bag for wallet, keys, etc.
  • Adequate water to drink and a snack
  • Shoes that can get wet
  • A headlamp or a waterproof flashlight
  • A communications device – cell phone or VHF radio

Before You Go

  • Tell a friend where and when you are going and plan to return
  • Prepare for weather, tide conditions and know when the sunsets
  • Take a paddling class with us or with a professional. Billington Sea in Plymouth offers great instruction.
  • Check out this Coast Guard site for further info on safe paddling
Where to Rent or Buy a Kayak

Our free kayak purchasing guidelines has great information to help you choose equipment that is right for you!

Local merchants who RENT or SELL kayaks or canoes

  • Billington Sea Kayak (Rentals, sales, guided tours and youth programs)
    Plymouth (call for directions)
  • Buckles and Boards (Rental and sales of kayaks and SUP)
    985 Plain Street (Rt 139) in Marshfield
  • Kings Landing Marina (Kayak and canoe rentals on the North River)
    80 Kings Landing (off Rt 123) in Norwell
  • East Coast Hui
    30 Peggotty Bch Rd, Scituate, MA 02066
  • REI sales of kayaks and SUPs only
    Derby Street Shops, 98 Derby St in Hingham