The Let Our Rivers Flow mural at Hanover Crossing depicts the North River and the diverse, vibrant species that call our rivers home. We hope you enjoy the mural and using the links below to learn more about our rivers.

Mural Scavenger hunt! See if you can find all of the different plants and animals in the mural. For an extra challenge, try to identify at least one thing in the mural that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Many of our rivers are impacted by dams that were built to support industries that no longer exist. As a result, we are left with fragmented habitats, barriers to migrating fish, and poor water quality. NSRWA and our partners are working to remove these barriers and restore the health of our rivers. Check out our Let the Rivers Flow video about the restoration of the Third Herring Brook located behind the Hanover Crossings!

Learn more about the North River 

Did you know? The bridge in the middle of the mural is the Washington Street Bridge

Curious about the fish you see in the mural? Check out NSRWA’s FISH School to learn more about river herring.


Meet the artists! Sally Dean and Cathy McCarthy


Project partners include NSRWA, Hanover Crossing, Mass Cultural Council, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration and Sign Design.