The 2024 WaterWatch Lecture Series has ended. Please enjoy the lecture videos below.


Eating Our Way to a More Sustainable Coast

Wind Farms Off Our Coast

Shad: America’s ‘Founding Fish’

What Good are Mosquitoes? A Fresh Perspective on the World’s Most Hated Insect

Canaries in a Coal Mine: Bird Migration and Climate Change

Ghost Gear in Our Coastal Waters; Its Impacts, and What’s Being Done About It

North and South River Marshes and the Legacy of the 1898 Portland Gale

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Making Salt Marshes More Climate Resilient

Slavery and Black Life in North River Communities, 1673-1865

Snowy Owls

PFAS in Our Waters

Know Thy Neighbor: A Brief Look at the History, Culture, and Teachings of the Mattakeeset People

How to Go Electric!

Expand Your Seafood Options with Unfamiliar Fish

Your Guide to Hiking the South Shore

Introduction to Duxbury Beach Reservation with Cristin Luttazi

Reading the Winter Landscape with Mass Audubon and the NSRWA

Salt Marshes of the South Shore with Mass Bays, NSRWA, and the National Wildlife Refuge System

Insect Decline with Plymouth County Entomologist Blake Dinius

Birding the Southeast Watersheds with Mass Audubon and the NSRWA

Amazing Arthropods! with Plymouth Co. Entomologist Blake Dinius

Exploring Wonder: A Child’s View of Nature with the SSNSC

A Beachcombers Guide to Winter with NSRWA Ecologist Sara Grady

An Introduction to Birdwatching with Mass Audubon’s Doug Lowry

Reading the Landscape with the SSNSC

Owls; In Search of Strigiformes with Mass Audubon’s Doug Lowry

Join the City Nature Challenge! The world’s biggest biodiversity study with the SSNSC

A Guide to Your Very Own River Adventure

Forest Foragers! Geocaching the South Shore with NSRWA’s Brian Taylor

Barstow’s Two Oaks and the Upper North River Shipyards

Eating Green Crabs to Save Our Clams and Estuaries?

Plastic Ocean

From Single Use to Zero Waste: What’s New with Recycling

What’s Up with the Whales

Sea Run Brook Trout

Firefly Watch: Citizen Science from Your Back Porch

The History of the Gurnet Light and Fort Andrew