Water All Around You School Program

Students in South Shore towns including Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate, and Weymouth have participated in the NSRWA’s Water All Around You program.

Watch the 5th graders at the Cole School in Norwell  participating in the Water All Around You Program. Many thanks are due to former NSRWA president Russ Haskell for creating this video.

See the students at North Pembroke Elementary (left) as they experience the program through the eyes of their teachers Melinda Soliwoda and Meghan Snee.

Here is a press release that was sent out about the Water All Around You program.

Hingham 5th Graders Participate in the Water All Around You Program hingham-east-3

Hingham 5th graders from East, South, Foster and Plymouth River schools learned about their local water resources and water conservation by participating in the Water All Around You program. The program was created by the North and South Rivers Watershed Association’s WaterSmart program and is funded by Aquarion in Hingham and Hull and the town of Hingham.

Going from station to station, the students experienced six different concepts detailing how water gets treated, where dirty water runs off, and how to conserve water by making small changes – just to name a few. At one station a groundwater flow simulator was used to illustrate how water gets transported underground. Dye was added to the water in the ground to show how it moves and can end up in cavities that represent lakes, rivers and eventually the ocean. Dye was also added to a failed septic system to demonstrate how this water can also end up in rivers and streams. Using a 3D watershed model at another station, the students were able to see how pollution gets transported above ground. Black pepper was sprinkled on the model close to toy cars and buildings while a spray bottle simulated rain that washes these pollutants to lower elevations.

As part of the program, the students had an opportunity to tour Aquarion’s water treatment facility on Rt. 228. They were able to view first-hand the complex processes that are required to bring drinkable water to their homes, including the clarifier which is responsible for the initial removal of very small pieces of organic matter, and the deep carbon filters which remove additional fine particles before the water is disinfected and fluoridated. They saw the giant instrument panel with gauges that continuously measure the quality of the water as it travels through the plant and out to the distribution system.

They got to see the control room, where they watched an operator control the treatment plant and other important facilities in the water system through a computer, and they marveled at the gear staff use to clean out the large basins in the filter room. They were able to see first-hand what sludge looks like once removed from the water and heard how it is put to good use coating a local land fill.

The Water All Around You program really helps students understand how they can help to keep their water clean and promote conservation. We are sure that the students will become much better stewards of our water after this program. Thank you to the Aquarion Water Company and the town of Hingham for the funding that made the program possible!

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The WaterSmart Program is a partnership with the NSRWA and 11 towns on the South Shore; Aquarion (Hingham and Hull), Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate and Weymouth, which provides education to school children and adults on stormwater and water conservation in their homes, businesses and towns.

The North and South Rivers Watershed Association is a non-profit membership organization that takes environmental action locally and focuses on the preservation, restoration, maintenance and conservation of our water resources. For more information or to become a member of the NSRWA visit nsrwa.org