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Introducing Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

NATURE  by Kezia Bacon, NSRWA Correspondent In late November, Massachusetts Audubon opened Tidmarsh, a 479-acre wildlife sanctuary in Plymouth. Land conservation is always something to celebrate, but this acquisition is also noteworthy for its scope. In recent years Tidmarsh was a working cranberry farm. Before Mass Audubon granted it permanent protection as a wildlife sanctuary,…

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How Seaweed Changed the Demographics of Scituate

Part of our Free WaterWatch Lecture Series. David Ball, President – Scituate Historical Society An out-of-work fisherman walking a Scituate beach in the 1840s stumbles across a familiar species of seaweed, and from this unexpected moment of discovery grows a series of events that cause a cascade of change for the quiet little community that …


What is WaterSmart?

Being WaterSmart is a new way of thinking about our water resources and helping to ensure that our water is clean and plentiful for generations to come. Water is a valuable resource, especially here on the South Shore, so it’s important to use it wisely. Conserving water or using it efficiently, , as well as controlling pollution... Click here to learn more.

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