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Meet our NSRWA summer interns

Meet our NSRWA summer interns

The NSRWA is fortunate to have three interns for the summer of 2016. Rowan Lowell, Callie Neaves and Kaitlin Morel are all college students with an interest in environmental studies. Rowan Lowell has interned at NSRWA in Data Management since April and is a senior English Major, Environmental Studies Minor, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies…

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N & S Rivers & Spit geology tour

Geology of the North and South Rivers

Join local Coastal Geologist, Jim O’Connell, for a pontoon boat tour of the geology of the mouth of the confluence of the North & South Rivers. The Rivers Inlet is one of the most treacherous inlets along the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. Its dangerous waves and currents have claimed the lives of numerous sailors. …



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