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Map of Natural Resources at 274 Water Street, Pembroke Proposed 40b

Update on Letter to Protect North River from 68 Unit Development

Thank you to all who signed our letter to protect the North River from a proposed 68 unit development. There were 571 online signatures sent with the letter to the Mass Housing Financing Agency. There were also several State Representatives and Senators that sent letters asking Mass Housing to deny the proposed 68 unit development. Rep.…

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South Shore Sea and Sand From the Sky

Margot Cheel Fine Aerial Art Photographer Free admission Examining the beauty of our landscape from the air can inspire us to remember the beauty, fragility and interconnectedness of our earth.  Margot Cheel is an award-winning photographer, private pilot and arts educator whose work inspires awareness of the environment through her aerial photos. Join us in …


What is WaterSmart?

Being WaterSmart is a new way of thinking about our water resources and helping to ensure that our water is clean and plentiful for generations to come. Water is a valuable resource, especially here on the South Shore, so it’s important to use it wisely. Conserving water or using it efficiently, , as well as controlling pollution... Click here to learn more.

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