On Your Own

Blueberry Island1

The North and South Rivers are fascinating places to explore both by land and on the rivers. Please keep in mind that the rivers have a very strong tidal flow so it is important to plan your river excursion accordingly.

On the water – There are three very popular sites to access the North River – the Marshfield Canoe Launch  and the Hanover Canoe Launch, directly on the North River and the Driftway in Scituate, which is on the Herring River, a tributary to the North River. All are free and open to the public. Parking at the Marshfield and Hanover sites is plentiful but parking at the Driftway is limited (Please help us keep these areas clean by taking out all your trash). The Spit at the mouth of the North and South Rivers is also very popular to visit; however it is only accessible by boat. We caution anyone considering taking a kayak to the Spit that the currents can be quite dangerous at the mouth.

Access to the South River is a bit more problematic, but NSRWA is working to build a canoe launch in Marshfield Center. There is access at Rexhame Beach but you must pay to park in season.

On land – There are many wonderful parks to visit. One of our favorites is the Norris Reservation near Norwell Center. This lovely park follows Second Herring Brook to the North River. Marshfield has quite a few parks that afford beautiful views of the North River, including the lovely Corn Hill Woodlands, the Nelson Forest and Two Mile Reservation. Pembroke also has some wonderful parks, including the charming Herring Run Historical Park, which is on Herring Brook, a tributary to the North River.  Hanover’s Luddams Ford is a must see on the Indian Head River, another tributary to the North River.

On the South River, there are also some beautiful parks. The newest park is the South River Park in Marshfield Center with a handicapped-accessible overlook on the South River. Marshfield’s latest acquisition is the Pratt Conservation area between Willow Street and the Bridle Path in Marshfield Center.

The North and South Rivers offer abundant opportunities to experience many different ecosystems, from salt marshes to lush forests to quaking bogs. Come explore!