Motorized Boat Angler, Adult  First Place $1,000 winner Will Pellicano. Photos by Randy Otto.

2024 NSRWA South Shore Striper Tournament Reels In Big Winners!

The NSRWA held their 8th Annual South Shore Striper Tournament this past weekend. One hundred fourteen anglers of all ages, 16 of which were kids under 12, participated in the event in five different categories: Motorized Boat Angler, Motorized Boat Angler 12 and Under, Shore or Dock Angler Adult, Shore or Dock Angler 12 and Under, Fly Fishing Shore Only All Ages.  

The tournament raised more than $25,000 in support of our work to restore rivers and fisheries on the South Shore, as well as engage anglers in better understanding of how they can help. 

The winners were:

* Cannon Toomey’s fish was submitted after the deadline, but we didn’t want to disappoint a 6 year old at the awards ceremony, so we gave him 3rd place.

See the 2024 South Shore Striper Tournament Leaderboard here.

Click here to see more photos from the awards ceremony.

Motorized Boat Angler, Child First Place Winner Avery Papi.

Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors!

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A special Thank you to Belsan Bait & Tackle, Goose Hummock, and Fish Northeast for hosting the registration and to Belsan’s for hosting the awards ceremony. And a big thank you to our volunteers and committee members.

This event supports protecting our local waters by educating and connecting residents to the outdoors, and advancing river restoration through citizen science, through dam removals, and habitat restoration. In the North and South Rivers watershed alone we have worked to remove 3 dams, restoring and reconnecting 9 miles of river habitat for river herring and native Eastern brook trout and other native species.  

We have made progress, but there is still more to do. Overall on the South Shore, 6% of available habitat has been re-opened and 74% of restorable habitat is still blocked by dams, with the remaining habitat accessible to a limited degree through fish ladders that only benefit a few species. Dam removal not only improves access for migratory fish like river herring and native fish like Eastern brook trout, but also makes our rivers and the species that rely upon them more resilient to a changing climate. Removing unneeded dams improves water quality, helps maintain streamflows, and improves instream habitat. When river herring can access more habitat, their population increases, providing more food for the animals that eat them like striped bass, bluefish, osprey, and herons. Opening up more habitat benefits local rivers and our ocean ecosystem. To find out more and to be a part of this groundbreaking work contact NSRWA through our website at

The proceeds from the South Shore Striper Tournament go to NSRWA’s efforts to maintain and restore healthy rivers for fish habitat.