GreenscapesLogoThe Greenscapes Coalition has just announced the WaterSmart business program, a new project that will engage South Shore businesses in being more water efficient, which is funded in part by towns on the South Shore as well as the McKim Family Foundation. This year, the South Shore chapter of the Greenscapes program will enroll local business owners in the new program. By enrolling in WaterSmart, businesses will receive a complimentary water use assessment and a detailed water-use report specialized for their business that outlines consumption patterns over time. They will then be presented opportunities to reduce their water consumption, stormwater pollution, and water costs.

This program aims to reduce water consumption as well as stop harmful pollutants from entering our waterways through storm water. The program coordinator of the WaterSmart program, Alyssa Hall, expanded on the vision of the program. “Businesses that are working to protect the environment are often seen as leaders within communities. I believe that the South Shore is the perfect place to start an initiative like WaterSmart.” She explained that the program will work with business leaders to identify where they can reduce both consumption of water and water pollution within our watershed.water_conservation_small

But the WaterSmart program won’t only have benefits for the environment; businesses can also capture a higher profit. According to Forbes Magazine, consumers “overwhelmingly want [businesses to have] Corporate Social Responsibility” which includes having environmentally sound practices. Businesses that enroll in the WaterSmart business program will not only be taking steps toward protecting the environment, but also ensuring customer loyalty and support—and in turn, higher profits.

Water is one of the most important and scarce resources on the South Shore. The Greenscapes South Shore Coalition members include 10 South Shore communities between Weymouth to Kingston that are working to preserve our water resources. In the most water stressed months—from May to August—the consumption of our scarce water resources increases. During these months, it is not uncommon for our streams to run very low or even dry due to the over consumption of our groundwater resources. In fact, during drought conditions, consumption can double, which is why the Greenscapes program is working with Towns to reduce their demand by educating residents and citizens about water consumption and pollution.

For more information about WaterSmart, contact the program manager, Alyssa Hall, at or (781) 659-8168