NSRWA is excited to announce that we are working with local artists, Sally Dean Mello and Cathy McCarthy, on a collaborative art installation for the new “green” at Hanover Crossing this summer. Over the coming weeks, we will engage with the community to create a large mural depicting the North River. From river herring to butterflies and a kayaker, the 40’ x 10’ mural will highlight the diverse, vibrant species that call our local rivers home.  

The mural will be complemented by historical signage detailing the Third Herring Brook Restoration and removal of the Peterson Pond Dam, as well as benches created from portions of the old mill grindstone that were salvaged from that site. This multimodal educational installation will offer various ways to experience the site: viewing the art, reading the history, touching the stones, and listening to audio using a QR code. This installation will be a cornerstone of Hanover Crossing and we look forward to sharing it with the public this summer.

Our goal is to raise public awareness of the habitats that support river herring and other migratory fish as well as the issues that impact the health of our rivers. This project will promote education in science through art and will provide an opportunity for visitors of all ages to interact with this incredible installation.  

Project partners include NSRWA, Hanover Crossing, Mass Cultural Council, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration and Sign Design.