September 14-21 is National Estuaries Week. Estuaries are where rivers meet the sea, and they are all around you. Just on the South Shore, there are fourteen (depending on how you split them up.) Which one is yours? Show or tell everyone about your favorite estuary, what you love about it, and what you’re doing to protect it! Here are some things you can do (alone or in combination) on social media:

1) Post a photo of your favorite estuary! It can be scenery or someone (you?) enjoying the recreational benefits of the estuary.

2) Tell us what you love about your estuary. Examples:

 “I love [Estuary] because its salt marshes are beautiful”

” I enjoy fishing/swimming/boating/birdwatching on the [Estuary]”

“My favorite estuary, [Estuary] is a great place because…”

3) Tell us what you do to protect your estuary or pledge to do something new. Examples:

” I have stopped fertilizing my lawn to keep nutrients out of the estuary.”

” I conserve water to maintain streamflow in the rivers that support my favorite estuary”

” I maintain a broad buffer between my property and nearby waterways”

” I pick up after my dog to keep bacteria out of the estuary”

Regardless of what you choose to do or which platform you use, make sure to use these hashtags (#EstuariesWeek #massbays #southshoreestuaries). On Facebook tag, 0n Instagram tag @northsouthrivers, and on  Twitter tag @NSRWA