The NSRWA has been hard at work engaging the community this fall season by visiting the local Inly School in Scituate. Sixty students in grades 3 through 6 participated in fun and interactive programs over several days discussing the questions “Where does our water come from and where does it go? What is my impact on our watershed and what can I do to help conserve and protect it?” Our new Environmental Educator, Brian Taylor,  is excited to meet new students and teachers as we look to expand our educational outreach to new heights!

The Watersmart “Water All Around You” program is gearing up to bring water and science alive by engaging local elementary school students in a day of discovery and fun this coming spring! Students will participate in interactive hands-on stations as they learn about the watersheds they live in. Many schools will cap off the day by taking a field trip to their local water treatment facility or herring run. Through this, students will make discoveries about why our water is so important, our impact on our watersheds, and what we can do to help conserve and protect this invaluable resource.

The NSRWA is also excited to have partnered with Hull Middle and High School Green Teams! These active and aware students will be empowered to engage in projects and services striving to make a positive impact within their local community. We look forward to where these bright young peoples’ passions will take them, and we are eager to make new connections with other South Shore area schools and students!