The Water All Around You program, funded by our towns, is now in full swing. More than 500 fifth grade students from Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth learned about water conservation, as well as local water resources, by participating in the NSRWA Water All Around You program. Funded by the Weymouth Water Department, the curriculum is part of the regional WaterSmart program, educating both students and parents alike in the importance behind the care and use of their local water resources.

Going from station to station, the students experienced six different concepts detailing how water gets treated, where dirty water runs off, and how to conserve water by making small changes – just to name a few. At one station a groundwater flow simulator was used to illustrate how water gets transported underground. Different dyes were added to various reservoirs that represent wells and septic systems. Eventually the colored water mixes leading to other cavities representing lakes, rivers, and eventually the ocean. Using a 3D watershed model at another station, the students were able to see how pollution gets transported above ground. Black pepper was sprinkled on the model close to toy cars and buildings while a spray bottle simulated rain that washes these pollutants to lower elevations.

After experiencing all six stations, the students went on a field trip to the Great Pond Water Treatment Plant – where 90 percent of the water from Weymouth comes from. The other 10 percent comes from wells in Weymouth. Mr. Cowing, the plant supervisor took the kids on the tour. The students were shown the clarifiers – where the solids are taken from the water. The water is then passed through 5 feet of activated carbon to remove fine particles, odor and color. Then the water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. The Water All Around You program really helps students understand how they can help to keep their water clean and promote conservation. We are sure that the students will become much better stewards of our water after this program.

Thank you to the Weymouth Water Department for the funding that made this all possible!

To see more photos of the program at Abigail Adams, go to our Facebook page.