This year NSRWA introduced a new component to the upcoming Great River Race. FundRacers will be paddling to raise funds for the Estuary Explorers program. This program brings school-aged youth to the North River estuary to engage in guided scientific explorations through hands-on activities.

NSRWA Summer Intern Andrew Staley has pledged that the highest contributor to his fundraising campaign gets to choose his ‘do for the Great River Race (a few of the options include the monk or the mohawk). His buzz cut will be live streamed on Facebook for all to enjoy.  Don’t forget the sunscreen Andrew!

Rockland High School Green Team – FundRacers in All CAPS (Top row left to right) TYLER GAMBON, ZACH WEBB, HANNAH WYLLIE, SEAN SUGRUE, MICHELLE RAMOSKA, Advisor Angela Armstrong (Bottom row left to right) Ronan McNally, JOE NAUGHTON, Elizabeth McGaffigan, JAD BENDARKAWI, and Saoirse McNally (Not pictured) ANGELINA VUONG

The Rockland High School Green Team also decided to put together a team of FundRacers this year. Recent graduate Joe Naughton said, “Yearly, the Rockland High School Green Team participates in the Massachusetts Envirothon Competition. Some time ago, we came in contact with NSRWA Executive Director Samantha Woods through our research for this competition. As our relationship with her grew she invited us to experience the Estuary Explorers program. This year was the third time that a group from Rockland High School went out on the water to take part in the Estuary Explorers program. All of us who went enjoyed it a lot and loved how we were able to apply what we were learning in the classroom to something we could see and physically interact with. A few of us were at a meeting and heard about the Great River Race and thought it sounded like a fun time. Nobody on the team had any boats so we talked with Samantha and decided that we could be a Fundracer Team instead and help to continue the Estuary Explorers Program that had benefited all of us”.

To support these FundRacers and others, or to become a FundRacer, go to the link on our website.