at Scituate Special Town Meeting
Tuesday, October 26, 7 pm
Scituate High School Gym

The Border Street Field is 17.4 acres of pristine pasture, wetland and wildlife habitat located on the border of Scituate and Cohasset. This iconic property is one of the last pastoral areas in Scituate east of Route 3A and is located in the Gulf River Watershed. The Gulf River Watershed Association, a sister organization, has been leading the charge on this project and we want to help! Here are the top reasons they have provided on why you should preserve this open space:

  • If preserved and connected to the nearby Hubble Preserve Trail, it would create and protect close to 60 acres of trails and habitat.
  • Currently available for purchase, the Town of Scituate has the Right of First Refusal. Hundreds of supporters and financial donors are asking the Town to exercise this right. Over 350 citizens have already committed $350,000 towards this critical purchase; the balance of $2.0M will come from Community Preservation funds (which has this amount available).
  • In addition to the CPC approving the purchase, the Advisory board also voted to support the purchase.
  • If the Town declines this opportunity, the property will become a housing development of six luxury family homes. While that development would bring tax revenue to the town, it would also bring the expense of providing services to these homes and families.
  • A YES vote at Town Meeting will enable this purchase of this land and keep it free from development. This is a unique opportunity for the citizens of Scituate to have a voice in the preservation of this unique open green space, one of the very few left in Scituate, for future generations.