In the world of competitive rowing, Craig Wolfe is our own celebrity in residence. Wolfe, a World Masters Rowing Champion, resides in Hull, MA. He and his family have been competing in the NSRWA Great River Race for over 20 years. “The Great River Race has always been a favorite event of ours. So many races are stressful, but the North and South Rivers Watershed Association creates just the right mood. It’s fun for everyone” said Craig.

His children, Chad, Dee and Miriam, started rowing with their dad as kids. “I somehow convinced them that rowing in the ocean in the middle of winter was something normal people did’’ Craig says. “Shhhh, don’t tell my children!’’ His son Chad took to it like a duck to water and eventually rowed for Harvard. This year he and Chad will be rowing as a team, as they have done for several years in the past.

His daughters, also competitive rowers, understand their dad’s passion for rowing. Craig tells the tale of racing the year his daughter Miriam was getting married. “I told the family I had to race the morning of the wedding. My parents were dressed in their wedding outfits, standing on the bridge at the finish line. As I went under the bridge my mother blew me a kiss and shouted something about my being done. Little did they know I still had to go one more mile to get my boat out. I quickly ended the race, threw on my father of the bride suit and drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, arriving just in time for the wedding.” Told you he was dedicated!

The North and South Rivers Watershed Association Great River Race takes place on Saturday, July 30. The race begins at 9:00 am and has 13 separate divisions, from the competitive racer to the best decorated paddler. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Come race, paddle or cheer on your favorite rower. An after party will be held at Mc’Greals Tavern in Norwell. You can register online now at, and become a peer-to-peer fundraiser to be eligible for great prizes!