If you are Marshfield resident, please attend the Fall Town Meeting on Monday November 18, 2019 to help improve the South River for river herring by removing the dam at Veterans Memorial Park that provides limited access for spawning river herring to the South River. The NSRWA has been working with the town of Marshfield engineering, conservation and veteran’s services departments and the state’s Division of Ecological Restoration to advance design and engineering plans that would remove the dam at Veteran’s park while making needed improvements to the veteran’s lagoon and fountain.  This team approach is balancing the river flow needs of the fish for spawning and passage with the Veteran’s park features such as the fountain, lagoon and water wheel. Balancing these two goals requires significant engineering and design work. Article 13 at Marshfield’s November 18th Town Meeting is requesting $20,000 to advance the project to the 40% design and engineering phase. Please help us help the herring!