(Left to Right) Rowan Lowell surveying purple loosestrife; Callie Neaves taking water samples; Callie and Kaitlin Morel checking for invasive species.
(Left to Right) Rowan Lowell surveying invasive purple loosestrife; Callie Neaves and Kaitlin Morel checking for invasive species; Callie Neaves taking water samples from the NSRWA pontoon boat on the North River

The NSRWA is fortunate to have three interns for the summer of 2016. Rowan Lowell, Callie Neaves and Kaitlin Morel are all college students with an interest in environmental studies.

Rowan Lowell has interned at NSRWA in Data Management since April and is a senior English Major, Environmental Studies Minor, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. In addition to assisting in database development and administration, Rowan has assisted the organization’s ecologist Sara Grady in marine and plant species surveys and data collection. She will also volunteer at the Great River Race, hosted by the NSRWA on July 30th. Next semester, Rowan will be undertaking a senior honor’s thesis on the use of digital software in determining the compilation of Old English manuscripts.

Callie Neaves is a junior studying Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. During the weeks she has been interning with NSRWA, she has worked on many different projects including horseshoe crab surveys and invasive species monitoring. She has also worked on data analysis for River Herring counts and Riverwatch bacteria counts. Callie said, “Interning with NSRWA has given me valuable experience with environmental fieldwork and insight into the workings of an environmental nonprofit organization.”

Kaitlin Morel is a junior at Saint Anselm College studying Environmental Science and Environmental Politics. She has been interning at NSRWA for two weeks and in that brief time has had a variety of experiences stretching from data collection and data entry to observing first-hand how non-profit organizations operate. Kaitlin is looking forward to a summer of furthering her field experience and learning more about the organization.

A big thank you goes out to them for all of their hard work!