Did you know?

  • The speed limit on the North and South Rivers is either 6 knots or no wake.
  • Waterskiing and racing are prohibited on the North and South Rivers.
  • The North River is the only designated Scenic Protected River in Massachusetts. For more information, visit

Why does this matter?

  • For public safety. Boats share the North and South Rivers with kayaks, paddle boards and canoes. A boat’s wake can be dangerous to people on these non-motorized vessels.
  • For the health of the North and South Rivers. Wakes can cause erosion along the shoreline and impact water clarity.

What can we do?

  • Take the Pledge!
  • Encourage your friends and fellow boaters to slow down.
  • Report speeders to Be sure to include the vessel’s registration number, date, time and photo (if possible). That information will be passed on to the local harbormaster.