The Greenscapes program, managed by the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, is helping businesses on the South Shore do their part to save water during the drought. Through the WaterSmart Business Program and Rain Sensor Giveaway, commercial properties can lead the way in their communities.

When a business enrolls in the WaterSmart program, they receive a free water use assessment. This assessment culminates in a technical report that analyzes their historic monthly water use, and will outline specific steps that can be taken to reduce water consumption and stormwater pollution. Upon reviewing the recommendations within the report, the business will decided on which options they would like to complete. One participating business, Planet Subaru in Hanover, was able to cut their overall water consumption by 23%. Businesses that enroll in the WaterSmart Business Program will not only be taking steps toward protecting the environment, but will also ensure customer loyalty and support.

Businesses that have participated in the WaterSmart Business Program to date are:

Another opportunity for businesses in Hanover and Norwell is the Rain Sensor Giveaway. Thanks to grant funds, commercial properties in these towns are eligible to receive installed rain sensors for their irrigation systems free of charge. The sensors will be installed by licensed irrigation contractors and will help to cut down on water usage, and save the business money in the long run.

In these extreme conditions we all need to do our part. If you own a business or know of a business that would like to receive a free water assessment or rain sensor, contact Lori Wolfe at or 781-659-8168.