Sam Will is a 16 year old sophomore at Marshfield High School and has been a Boy Scouts since 1st grade. Now he is working towards the highest rank in Scouts with Marshfield Troop 101. One requirement to become an Eagle Scout is to organize and manage a community service project. His project is a drive for Planet Aid, a non-profit that collects clothing and supplies for people all around the world. These projects aim to protect the environment, reduce waste, and increase the efficient use of vital resources. Sam intends to donate the proceeds of his drive to NSRWA

“I actually heard about NSRWA from Steve Dibble, my Eagle Beneficiary from Planet Aid. He asked about donating to NSRWA and after reading about the organization, I knew this would be a great cause to donate to. NSRWA is doing something great in helping to preserve and protect the rivers and I want to support NSRWA,” said Will.

The donation collection project will run from January 11 through February 15. Items eligible for collection are clothing, shoes or boots (separated in their own bag), hats, gloves, backpacks, hand bags, purses, and belts. Donations can be dropped off in the yellow Planet Aid bins located in the Furnace Brook Middle School parking lot outside the cafeteria.

Sam’s goal is to collect 5,000 lbs. of clothing and shoes in 5 weeks. He hopes to place 3 more Planet Aid bins at Roche Brothers, right across the street from Marshfield High School. He wants to become an Eagle Scout by summer this year at the age of 16, and is very excited to work with Planet Aid and to support NSRWA.