Whether it’s drought, runoff, development pressures, or old infrastructure we live in an area where the environment is always threatened. Your gift to the NSRWA supports work that is critical to protecting local waters, from our rivers to our drinking water supplies. We monitor the health of our waters, help remove dams and restore ecosystems, and work with our partners to ensure clean, healthy water on the South Shore.

Every year, we work with schools and municipalities to educate youth about water conservation. We are also creating connections between people and nature across our region with lectures, outdoor excursions, river tours, and much more. Our programs focus on the environment and often highlight issues affecting our communities, helping to expand local residents’ perspectives.

Your gift to the NSRWA makes all of these efforts possible. Your tax-deductible contribution helps us serve as an effective voice for the rivers and a resource to our communities. Together, let’s protect our waters and connect to nature.
Thank you for your gift to the NSRWA. We hope to see you on the rivers!

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