We are excited to announce the Let Our Rivers Flow recommended reading series! Over the coming weeks, the Hanover, Hanson and Pembroke libraries will display books with a focus on river restoration and migratory fish. Through these books, you will learn about the fish that call our rivers home, the impacts of dams on our environment, and why it is so important to restore our rivers now more than ever. 

With the majority of dams in Massachusetts currently serving no purpose, what remains are the impacts of these dams on the health of our rivers and the habitats they support. We see those impacts throughout our watershed and have targeted this series in Hanover, Hanson and Pembroke because two dams on the Indian Head River are currently being considered for removal – one at Ludden’s Ford Park on the Hanover/Pembroke town line and another at State Street on the Hanover/Hanson town line.

Pembroke Library book display

This book series seeks to answer the following questions:

  • How do dams impact habitats along the rivers? 
  • Why should we care?
  • What happens when migratory fish cannot reach their spawning grounds? 
  • What happens to other species when a river is dammed? 
  • What does this mean for the future of our rivers?
  • What is the global perspective?
  • What can we do to reconnect our rivers? 

We are highlighting three books in this series (Amazon, Kindle and Google Books links below) and have provided additional recommendations based on each library’s catalog. Toward the end of the series, NSRWA will host a talk at each library to provide a forum to discuss the books and the issues surrounding dam removal and river restoration. Details to follow through NSRWA and the library’s newsletters.

The Founding Fish

Running Silver

Cracked: The Future of Dams in a Hot, Chaotic World

For more information on the river restoration projects in our watershed, visit: