We are currently seeking volunteers for our 2024 RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring program. RiverWatch is a volunteer-driven effort that monitors local waters for compliance with both swimming and shellfishing water quality standards. Since 1994, we have monitored bacteria and other water quality indicators like temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and conductivity at ten sites in the North and South Rivers every other week from June through August.

During each sampling session, volunteers drive to each of the 10 sampling sites to collect water quality measurements and samples. At some locations this can require moderately challenging access to sampling sites (steep river banks, unstable footing, etc), so volunteers should be capable and confident in their abilities to manage somewhat difficult terrain.

Each session starts at the NSRWA office (214 South Street, Norwell; near the Hanover Y) and takes approximately 4 hours from beginning to end.

New volunteers for this program are asked to attend a mandatory training session on June 12th at 7:30am. The training will consist of completing a full round of RiverWatch sampling which like all the sessions may take up to 4 hours. If you are a new volunteer on this program, please be sure to register for the training shift with the sign up link below.

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow this link to our Volunteer Projects page and click on “RiverWatch 2024 – Water Quality Monitoring.”
If you’re not already registered as an NSRWA volunteer, you’ll be asked to register, otherwise you’ll go right to the RiverWatch shift sign-up form.

You can read more about the RiverWatch program here on our website.