As part of a generous grant from the First Parish Church in Norwell, the NSRWA led a program called Climate Change Conversations Lead to Action. As part of that program, we co-hosted a native plant winter seed sowing and carbon footprint reduction discussion after Sunday services with members of the church and the public. The discussion around reducing one’s carbon footprint was focused on what individuals were doing.. switching to renewable energy, electric cars, and appliances, as well as climate-friendly banking and investments. Part of the goal of talking about what people are doing is to help break down the barriers people may have to take action by sharing personal stories. Participants shared their own stories of putting solar panels on their homes or purchasing solar-generated power, switching to heat pump heating and cooling systems, transitioning from gas to induction stoves, and how they approached their financial investments to align with their concerns regarding climate change. As part of the discussion, our staff provided some additional resources for people to research and take action individually and we wanted to share those with everyone (see below). Feel free to share your climate change resources and stories with us!

A Matter of Degrees Podcast – Episode 1 – What Can I Do?

Dr. Leah Stokes and Kate Wilkinson host this podcast, and in particular we felt this first in a 3-part series entitled “What Can I Do? – The Personal” really summarized the key actions an individual can take in their own lives to make a difference for the climate. 

Going Electric with Hingham Net Zero – January 18, 2023

The next lecture in the WaterWatch Lecture Series is all about Going Electric and we have Laura Burns of Hingham Net Zero speaking with us about making the switch to heat pump heating and cooling systems and more. Register for this free Zoom webinar series.

Hingham Net Zero’s website

The What You Can Do section of the website is most helpful even if you don’t live in Hingham where they are lucky to have a municipal light plant that provides further incentives to adopting new technologies. They also have a series of recorded zoom meetings that provide further insights on taking action for climate change.

Sustainable Banking and Investing

One of the big thing you can do is change your bank and your investments. As they say “follow the money”.

Rewiring America 

More information on making the switch to electrify your home.

Winter Seed Sowing 

As part of the event, participants sowed native plant seeds to prepare for the rain garden that will be built on First Parish’s property in the spring. Adults and children made pots out of recycled materials to sow the seeds over winter. Also known as stratifying, winter sowing is the natural process the native seeds would experience over winter. By allowing seeds to be exposed to the freezing temperatures, it breaks dormancy and begins the germination process. In spring, the seeds that everyone sowed will be planted both at their homes, as well as in First Parish’s rain garden. By growing native plants at home and in a community garden, we are helping provide food to local pollinators, creating habitat for wildlife, and reducing water consumption because these native plants are adapted to growing in our local climate.

Native plant seeds and sowing information is available at the local Blue Stem Natives plant nursery in Norwell.