2020 Striper Tournament Leaderboard

Congratulations to our 2020 South Shore Striper Tournament Winners!

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Striped Bass Conservation Needs You!

Please help preserve the Striped Bass Fishery for future generations to enjoy and follow the new fisheries regulations put in place to conserve Striped Bass, review the Mass Division of Marine Fisheries resources for proper angling techniques here and watch our recent Zoom workshop and learn how to properly catch and release a Striped Bass to reduce mortality.  Want to learn more about the Striped Bass? Read Warren Winders recent article on these amazing fish.

The proceeds from the tournament support our work to remove dams and restore fisheries habitat on the South Shore.
2020 Striper Tournament Winners
Motorized Boat Angler, Adult
Name Length
First Place Drew Skolnick 44.5
Shore Angler, Adult
Name Length
First Place Jack Mahoney 30
Fly Fishing, Shore only, All ages
Name Length
First Place Jim Kearns 27.25
Name Length
Flyfishing 1 Jack Speer 26
Flyfishing 2 David Palmer 24
Boat/Shore Erik MacDonald 42.5
Motorized Boat Angler, 12 and under
Name Length
First Place John Bianchi 25.5
Second Place Henry Stephens 24
Third Place Caroline Wolford 23
Shore Angler, 12 and under
Name Length
First Place LJ Bianchi 27.75
Second Place Benjamin Studley 26
Third Place Camden Tobias 24.75

Motorized Boat Angler, Adult

Drew Skolnick B228C Length: 44.5″

Motorized Boat Angler, Adult - Other Submissions

Nick Vercollone S241 Length: 29.25″


Patrick Connaughton B221C Length: 28.5″


William Dresser B406 Length: 25.5″


Alex DeFreitas B268C Length: 36″


Alex DeFreitas B268C Length: 40″


Erik MacDonald B401C Length: 42.5″



Motorized Boat Angler, 12 and under

1st John Bianchi BC269 Length: 25.5″


2nd Henry Stephens BC235C  Length: 24″



3rd Caroline Wolford BC2031 Length: 23″




Motorized Boat Angler, 12 and Under - Other Submissions

Livia Beagley BC411 Length: 21.5″



Nelson Family


Wyatt Cohen BC413 Length: 19.5


Thomas Nelson BC296 Length: 22.5″


Beatriz Nogueira BC216 Length: 22.5″


Wyatt Cohen BC413 Length: 22.5″


Caroline Wolford B2031 Length: 20.75″

Shore Angler, Adult 

Jack Mahoney S255 Length: 30″

Shore Angler, Adult - Other Submissions

Ralph Studley S260 Length: 25.25″


Todd McCaughey S259 Length: 23.5″


Robert Higgins S251 Length: 25.5″


Michelle Sideris S404 Length: 21.5″


Robert Higgins S251 Length: 26″


Robert Higgins S251 Length: 27.25″


Jason Nolan S279 Length: 17.25″


Nick Bianchi S270 Length: 28″


Walter Hawkes S252C Length: 22.5″


Camden Hawkes S254 Length: 18.5″


Deedee Tobias S210 Length: 20.25″


Walter Hawkes S252 Length: 22″


Kurt Doursounian S405 Length: 19.5

Shore Angler, 12 and under

1st: LJ Bianchi SC270 Length: 26″ 27.75″


2nd: Benjamin Studley S260 Length: 26″


3rd: Camden Tobias Length: 24.75″

Shore Angler, 12 and Under - Other Submissions

MacKenzie Long SC209 Length: 22″


Shane Long SC209 Length: 23.5″

Camden Tobias Length: 24.25″

Fly Fishing, Shore only, All Ages

Jim Kearns F609 Length: 27.25″

Fly Fishing, Shore only, All Ages - Other Submissions

Jim Kearns F609C Length: 17.5″


Rich Cordiero F231C Length: 22.5″


Tom Reynolds F604C Length: 22.75″


Scot McLellan F232C Length: 22″


Klemens Engelberg F402 Length: 22.25″


Dan Wells F400 Length: 24.25″


Thomas Reynolds F604 Length: 23″


Chuck Bilezikian F602 Length: 25″



Greg Cordeiro F222 Length: 24″


David Palmer F603 Length: 24″


Jack Speer F227 Length: 26″


James Conway F292C Length: 13″


Michael Orlando F230C Length: 20.5″


Griffin Flannery F262C Length: 24″