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We believe that our communities deserve clean, healthy, flowing rivers. To help ensure the health of our watershed, we are educating local residents about water conservation and river restoration. NSRWA engages local youth and adults in hands-on programs that bring people closer to our natural treasures. In 2016, together with our members and partners, we:

  • Brought more than 250 South Shore residents to experience the North River first-hand through educational programs and boat tours
  • Opened up over 9 miles of rivers and streams through restoration efforts
  • Conducted 8 weeks of water quality monitoring on the North and South rivers
  • Informed the public about water-related local news and happenings
  • Educated over 2,500 kids in 26 local elementary schools about their local water resources and water conservation
  • Engaged some 525 volunteers in our citizen science efforts
  • And much, much more!

Will you support us with a gift to NSRWA’s Annual Fund? With your help, we can ensure that our local watershed association remains a strong and effective voice for the rivers and our communities.