Our heartfelt thanks to our FundRacers and their donors for generously supporting the Great River Race. The funds raised directly benefit our Estuary Explorers program to bring more kids to the rivers. After conferring with the authorities, we had to cancel the race (for the first time in 28 years) due to the threat of severe weather and flash flooding. We were very disappointed, however, safety was our top priority and the risk was too great.

Thanks to our FundRacers and their supporters, we will be able to welcome more than 150 kids to our Estuary Explorers program this year for guided scientific explorations of the estuary through hands-on activities. Those kids will learn about science in meaningful and fun ways, exploring salt marshes and tidal pools, taking temperature and salinity profiles in the water, and conducting phytoplankton tows.

We are grateful for their commitment to protecting our local waters and hope you will join us next year! Thanks again!