Director of Development and Community Engagement Gabriela Silva spoke with the Tobias family about why they paddle for the NSRWA.

 Why are you doing this race?

We are lucky to live on the North River and have taken full advantage of this during the past few months as our socially distant playground. We wouldn’t miss doing the race again this year! This year our kids will race too, for the first time with us, including Cam in his own kayak!

Tell us about a fond memory you have of doing the race in years past

It might only not be Josh’s fondest memory, but believe it or not DeeDee beat Josh one year by about 15 minutes. Josh took home the in-house W in all other years.

You are FundRacers. What did you have to do to sign up as FundRacers? Was it easy?

It was incredibly easy, the website automatically walks you through each step, from uploading a photo to changing any of the wording to suit the audience that you are asking donations from. The NSRWA staff are very helpful in troubleshooting any technical questions you might have.

Click here to become a FundRacer.

Why did you decide to help raise funds for our environmental education programs?

As parents of 2 school age kids, Camden – 7 and Eva – 5, we appreciate the lessons that kids learn outside of the formal classroom setting. That’s even more important in the current pandemic. There is so much to be gained from kids unplugging and venture outdoors – NSRWA is an amazing local organization that offers a variety of ways to get kids engaged.

What do you think about this year’s new format? Do you know what course you’ll be doing?

We are excited that NSRWA came up with a creative solution to keep the race going this year. We will be ending at Couch Beach (Course 1) and celebrating there with a picnic and swim!

Do you know what app you’ll be using to capture your race results?  

Josh’s iPhone can capture the results and we’ll keep that in a wet bag in the hull of the boat.

What would you tell someone who is considering doing the race but hasn’t signed up yet?

The river is a safe socially distant way to get exercise and have fun this summer. Why not spend a day having a great time while also supporting an awesome local organization?