The North and South Rivers Watershed Association, in conjunction with WaterSmart South Shore, held a painted rain barrel raffle. The NSRWA is collaborating with ten artists and groups on the South Shore for this public art project.

A big thank you goes out to our participating artists and groups:

  1. Duxbury – Todd Alvey, Atlantic Illustration
  2. Hanover – Laurie Detwiler – Resident of Norwell
  3. Hingham – Christine White – Interior Designer and Artist
  4. Hull – Hull High School Introduction to Art 1 Class – Teacher, Amanda Davis
  5. Kingston – Silver Lake Regional High School – Teacher, Sarah Butler
  6. Marshfield – Marshfield High School Green Team – Advisor, Jim Merritt
  7. Norwell – Norwell High School Art Club – Advisors, Nate Nottingham and Nathalie Coughlin
  8. Pembroke – Susan Giusti, Resident of Hanson
  9. Scituate – Jenna Reedy & Cindy McEachern, Fish Prints by Jenna
  10. Weymouth – Liz Boston Art Studio Teen Art Squad

The WaterSmart Program is a partnership with the NSRWA and 10 towns on the South Shore; Aquarion (Hingham and Hull), Duxbury, Hanover, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Scituate and Weymouth, which provides education to school children and adults on water conservation in their homes, businesses and towns.

Being WaterSmart is a new way of thinking about our water resources and helping to ensure that our water is clean and plentiful for generations to come. Water is a valuable resource, especially here on the South Shore, so it’s important to use it wisely. Conserving water or using it efficiently, as well as controlling pollution, will help ensure it is available for people, plants and animals now and in the future. Whether it is in our homes, our businesses or on our streets, we can all do our part to help keep our water clean and plentiful.

Entries for the raffle are being collected in each of the town’s libraries and online. The winners will be drawn from paper and online entries. We are accepting paper entries through June 30, 2018. We will pick up the boxes on Monday, July 2 and we will pull names on Tuesday, July 3! We will contact the winners and arrange to have them pick the barrels up at their respective locations.

Thank you to our WaterSmart towns and rain barrel painters for helping us to make this project a success!

Stay tuned for another public art project coming in summer of 2019!